Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Déjà vu

Today, I found myself at Kinko’s and had a flashback. It was kind of great though because the flashback was of the first day of my internship in New York during the summer of 2005. I can’t believe that was FIVE years ago now. On the first day of my internship, I wore heels to work, on the subway, walking to the office the whole nine yards. I thought it was what you did in New York. That’s what Carrie Bradshaw does. Well, I was schooled in that by the intern from Long Island. True New Yorkers wear tennis shoes to get to work and heels when they get to the office. One of the many things I was “schooled” in that summer. The first real thing I was asked to do that day was to go to Kinkos and make a ton of color copies of some “up and comers” press packages I was going to put together, I think it was Alexis Bledel (Alexis and Alexis, well, OMG!). I know Kanye’s “Flash-ing Flash-ing Liiights Liiights” was going through my head when I got the assignment. I thought I was so Hollywood making a press package in my heels and business clothes. Ppppfffftttttt. This feeling quickly faded when I somehow didn’t have enough money for a cab to get back to work and found myself completely lost in ruined high heels and aching feet with a box of copies. Somehow, I surrvived and made it back.I remember being so relieved to be back because there literally was a point where I feared I was going to be roaming the streets for hours and that I would be the intern that failed her first task and dissapeared. That would have been weird. Even for me. I also remember thinking how awful that task was. No wonder they sent the intern. Kinko’s was packed and frustrating and everyone was rude and I almost cried. Still, I savor the memory. It was me and the city fighting it out together and we prevailed. I love when people personify New York. It’s so appropriate. I would not be the same person without that summer and that city. We had a three month relationship, me and the city, and it changed everything.

I’m going back there in 10 days. Baby, Boney, Teri and I. That’s Robert and his parents and me on a three day adventure NYC vacay. I can’t wait to be there with my husband. I can’t believe he lived there for 3 and a half years. The building that I interned in, he worked there too, not at the same time, but still, kind of crazy right? Spring and 6th….. Maybe, we’ll have time to snap a pic in front of the building. Maybe that’s a little much?

post script: I’m stilldoing the same things I was as an intern. Running to Kinko’s! Awesome!

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