Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheesey POP Music Break!

WARNING: This contains Amy Grant.

This was one of my favorite songs when I was little. I loved it with a passion. Almost the same kind of passion that I loved Whitney Houston, but not quite. Chelsea and I got in a fight one day because I was singing it too loud in the car. Chelsea told on me because she couldn't hear Amy singing the words over me. Just let me sing, Chelsea! Let me sinnnnnngggggg!!!!!

Twenty years later and this is what Amy is up to these days. She has this below Christian tune out. I also think she's married to Vince Gill? Anyway, I took a break from Kidd Kraddock this morning and found myself listening to this song.

I've heard it before, but today, it made me tear up a little. It reminded me that God doesn't want this perfect-looking, religious person to call out His name that can't admit they need Him, but He revels in just us, "the mess we are" humbly crying out that we need more than this world can offer in our lowest times and highest times and all the times in between. Thank you, God, for always being more and always satisfying like nothing else can.

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