Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No way

So, a while ago, Robert and I spotted this gold 1960ish chair at one of the nearby consignment furniture shops by our home. We thought it was kind of cool and different and we went to see how much it was. It ended up being around $400. Robert recalls that the salesperson told us that it was Flemish. We were looking for something that was like $40, actually $4 would have been better...Flemish or not. On the walk back home, Robert started telling me this really bizarre interior design idea he had. It disturbed and scared me on many levels. He told me that he thought it would be neat to have a gold chair like that one and then maybe like some kind of mannequin that sat in the chair. I really had to stop him there. I'm all for creativity and I don't want to live in an atmosphere that is a carbon copy of a Pottery Barn catalog, but I was really confused when I heard him say MANNEQUIN.

There will not be a mannequin in my house any time soon. I mean, never say never. But, seriously?? No.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I came across this in the Restoration Hardware sale section today.


There are others out there that want to decorate with mannequins?? WHO? WHY? WHERE?

I immediately forwarded the link to Robert with the subject: OH MY GOSH. 

We just spoke on the phone and he said he felt pretty vindicated. Great. Am I going to have to start taking his design ideas seriously now? (jk, Honey, I do. #kindof) He also said he didn't picture his mannequin to look exactly like that. His would be maybe silver, but he did like how that one seemed very moveable. 

Why am I talking to my husband about mannequins??? File that under "The conversations you think you'll never have".  

This sort of reminds me about how my dad told me once that his idea of a perfect room was "an all white room with a leather yellow couch in it". What??? That sounds like a scene from Miami Vice, but to each his own, Dad. 

Men. Men and interior design is a scary thing.  


Robert said...

The price tag on the chair said it was Flemish. Quit undermining my authority.

Also, I have decorating in my DNA, so you should probably defer to my instincts and tastes.

alexis scarff said...

you're Flemish. your mother is Flemish. ha. pretty sure i heard the "decorating DNA" you speak of skips a generation??