Friday, November 11, 2011

Stuff I like this week...

Well, I like that today is 11-11-11. How cool is that? It doesn't take much to excite me these days.

I like that I'm feeling less like death. I'm still nauseous sometimes and tired a lot, but oh so much better. Cheers to week 14 of pregnancy.

I liked these two gift guide helper things this week. I've been looking for gifts for the fam.
Daily Candy - Gifts Under $30
-Tory's Gift Guide - Gifts under $150
Yes, it's time to holiday shop. Bring on the materialism and stress. Ha.

I like this pug holiday card that I got today at Highland Park Pharmacy after I had lunch there with Sarah.

widdle widdle holiday pug 

I like that I have some new followers!!! HEY, GUYS!!!! 

I realllllllllyyyyyyyy like this post from one of my fave bloggers, Apollinas wrote this week. READ HERE. Amazing. 

I like that my boss hasn't been in the office this week very much (ha), but when he has been here, he's been in a good mood. It's the little things. 

Last but not least, I L-O-V-E that my great friend, Jamie (that I've mentioned several times on here), has started a little business. She is monogramming like crazy!! Who doesn't love monogrammed gifts?? I really don't know, but I know that I do. Check out her blog and monogramming here! Be sure to contact her for your holiday monogramming needs...her prices cannot be beat!! 

Alright, that's about all the the liking I can think of. :) Happy weekend everyone. 

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