Friday, November 4, 2011

Facebook Official

After much deliberation and urging of friends (MARY), I posted on Facebook today that I was indeed, pregnant.  Why does posting things like that make me nervous? Thanks anyone out there that is making me feel less insecure and "liking" or "commenting" on my status. ha.

How can I not post this pic though? baby scarf for Baby Scarff?? I mean, cutest thing ever. Thank you, Jill Klopp. You're awesome for many reasons, not just because you are clever and funny enough to send me this little scarf. :)

Robert's leg and my new maternity pants in the background. #weirdpic 

Also, like 10 people tweeted and uploaded this pic to fb yesterday. I'm sure you've seen it. 

via NPH's character, Barney, on How I Met Your Mother

I almost wanted to add to my Facebook official post that I'm just getting less awesome and pregnant. It sounded a little cynical and negative. So, I decided, maybe not. Instead, I'll just hop on the the "pregnant girl cliche bandwagon" and post on fb about my pregnancy which is one of the reasons why everyone is loving this quote so much. ppppppfffffttttttt

Anyway, on week 13 of this deal and I'm starting to feel like a human being again and not like a constantly hungover drug addict. So that's nice. That's about it over here...ready for the weekend!! TGIF andddd 

Wreck 'em Tech, BEAT TEXAS!!!!! 

My little sister is going to her first big weekend in Austin. Let's all pray she doesn't get arrested and survives, BUT has lots o' FUN!!! Nothing beats an Austin weekend in college. Some of my favorite memories have come out of those. Whew, good times. 

p.s. Don't forget to "fall back" this weekend. Yay for more sleep. Thank you friends who reminded me of this or I totally wouldn't have known. 

All things good....


L Smith said...

I sure hope Augusta isn't on a Z pack and takes a shot of tequila!!! Ohhhhhh memories.... Maybe she will get some pizza crust in her crack!!! LOL! I am sorry! I had to do it!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

a. scarff said...

Hahahahha best. weekend. ever.