Monday, July 18, 2011


Why are some Mondays more "Monday" than others? They just are. My friends have had some glorious things happen to them today to make this Monday seem way more Monday than usual. One friend got the news that her car insurance was going up, one friend had to buy two new tires and another friend went grocery shopping and checked herself out at the self check-out counter, finished and realized that she had forgotten her wallet. ppppffffffftttttt. My complaint today is that I've somehow become a pet-sitting business for my bosses. Cat sitting for one all week and dog sitting for another this afternoon. I love pets, but seriously.

You know what I think it is? I think it's that all of these things remind us that we are grown up. Insurance? Tire buying? Groceries?? Bosses? Who are we? Adults. Well, that's annoying. Mondays=annoying. Growing up=annoying.

BUT, I must stop myself and remember how good life is and how blessed I am. What's the alternative to growing up? Dying? Well, I certainly don't want to do that! I'm alive and life is good, even though it's a Monday and I can add "cat-sitter" to my resume.

meet the boss's cat, Bailey. don't you feel like she's thinking "you're my bitch."? maybe it's just me. 

Also, have to remind myself it's a four day week because I'm going to Chicago on Friday!! WOO HOO!! I'm a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings and I am really freaking excited. I guess growing up isn't so bad on weekends like that ;)

see you soooooooon!!! 

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