Friday, December 3, 2010

New Territory

Tomorrow will mark two firsts for me.

1. I'm going to the Big 12 Championship. Never been to one of those
2. I'm going to the Big 12 Championship for free because Robert and I agreed to pass out and collect surveys for a sports marketing company. Actually, we're getting paid $40 each for this service. Never done anything like that before. Robert's best friend somehow got us connected with this.

We agreed to do this because Robert has never seen JerryWorld and we thought, why not? Free football game? Sounds good. We didn't even know that my beloved OKLAHOMA SOONERS were going to be in it. Now it's going to be extra fun because, obviously, we care about the football and lots of my friends will be at the game too. It might be awkward/funny to run into people I haven't seen in a while when I'm passing out surveys. "How have you been?? Would you like to fill out this 60 second survey??" That's okay though, it'll be fun. Hopefully we won't get shot down too much. We each have to get 40 surveys completed.

Happy weekend and BOOMER SOONER!! 

there's only one.....

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