Monday, December 13, 2010

Media Passes=a good time

Since I've been in my own world of mini-breakdowns for-no-reason last week, I haven't even shared about the great football adventure - The Big 12 Championship - OU vs. Nebraska. If you're my Facebook friend, you'll see that I posted pics. I very oddly named the album "fast times at ridgemont high". I did this mostly because I can never come up with names of albums besides the obvious, "Big 12 Championship" and for some reason I want to be funny and random. Winter 2010 just sounds so serious? So there you have the random album name. But then, I got anxiety about having the confusing title and changed the album name to "seasons greetings". Okay, sorry for that small vision into my psyche. It's scary in there.

Okay, as mentioned, we were not only going for free to the Big 12 game, but we got paid $40 to pass out a short survey for a marketing company that helps monitor the advertising for the Big 12. (Or that's how I would explain it? Robert might have a better description.). We were excited to ride and tailgate with friends and go to the game and roam around the stadium. Little did we know, we would be given Media Passes...oh yes, Media Passes. You read that correctly.

only the Lord above knows what my hair was doing here
yet my hair seems more normal here?? what is the universe trying to tell me?

Enough about my hair, back to the Media Passes. I've heard people say that once you fly first class that you're ruined, you never want to go back to coach. I've only flown coach and private (with my boss) so I've never had the first class experience and frankly, I'm scared to because then coach will be more miserable the next time I fly on Southwest or when I'm back in the real world on coach. I already longing look at those big comfy chairs every time I pass the first class section on a long flight. I sigh and I go to take my place in the back row between two obese people and wonder how those big comfy seats might feel.

I think the same can be said about Media Passes (again capitalizing for no reason?). Media Passes at the Big 12 game were amazing. I could be ruined for all other games that I attend at Jerry World without a shiny Media Pass. I think the best part was that they were unexpectedly amazing. We checked in at will call, got our passes and they said that we could go ON THE FIELD during pre-game and post-game. Are you kidding me?? We were just excited that the tickets were free, the fact that there were perks involved was icing on the cake. This was probably more exciting for Robert because he is a big Cowboys fan, so getting to be on the field where they play was surreal for him. Granted it wasn't during a Cowboys game, that would have been the real deal, but it was still fun to feel like VIP's parading around the field pre-game and taking pictures of everything possible. 

well, look at us on the field???

i can't believe they let us on the field? are they aware we aren't actually media??

got the best seat in the house to see the OU band come out. i was totally in heaven. 

and how cute are they?? together maybe they weigh as much as i do!

OU won. We felt like d-bags passing out the surveys, but it was worth it. Great time had by all. 

Boomer Sooner. Yay for Media Passes. 

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