Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cookie Exchanges make me nervous

So, I really like Cookie Exchange parties. I mean any excuse to bake, eat, drink wine and be with a bunch of girls is definitely considered a good time by me. They also really make me nervous. I like to make cookies, A LOT. But, I usually don't get out of the box much. I stick with the my classic, the oatmeal chocolate chip, which is the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Magnolia cookbook (giving to me be S.E.S.) with two cups of whole oats mixed in. BUT, if I'm going to a Cookie Exchange I put this unnecessary pressure on myself to step it up. I feel bad if I bring classic/boring oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I need something new, fun, different, themed!

The last Cookie Exchange (why am i capitalizing that?) that I went to, I didn't plan ahead and I ended up making (yawn) oatmeal chocolate chip, they didn't have enough time to cool and they were flat and not pretty. I was really disappointed in myself and I am NOT going to be unprepared again. On December 14th I'm invited to a Cookie Exchange, by one of Robert's good friends' wife. She has a one and a half year old and I just love her. I'm assuming she'll have several young mommy friends and you know they are going to bring their A game to this Cookie Exchange. So, naturally, my Cookie Exchange stress level is growing by the day.

I've been researching cookies and these are the three I'm liking so far.

Classic gingerbread via Martha Steward. Recipe here.

Or these Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies look ridiculous. Recipe here.

Or the ever so scrumptious Buckeye. Always a holiday hit. Recipe here. I can eat so many of these. It's scary.

Oh what to bake?! Even after I've chosen a recipe, I need to do a trial run before I spring it on the Cookie Exchange girls. The pressure of a Cookie Exchange, oh the pressure. At least this gives me an excuse to bake. Robert likes to ask me when I'm making cookies if there is a reason I'm doing it. There usually isn't. Well, now there is! I'll have to find something else to confuse him with. ;). 

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