Monday, June 28, 2010

True Life: I Snuck into the SMU Football Stadium

Last Saturday, Robert thought it would be a great idea to go run bleachers at the SMU stadium. I thought it sounded like a hot idea, but I agreed. Marriage…it’s a compromise. Plus, it’s good to do something different on the work out spectrum. Neither of us knew if the stadium would be open for people to run about it, but we headed towards campus to get it a try. Robert said that Rice in Houston lets people run on their track, so maybe SMU would do the same thing.

We park. I see two anorexic girls running, looking absolutely miserable, sweaty and red-faced.

“Only anorexic people run at the hour.” I say to Robert. It’s 10 a.m. on Saturday.

We proceed to the stadium. It appears to be locked. Then we walk around the side of stadium and….bingo…there is a side door held open by some stick or something? We see a guy on a lawn mower mowing the practice field and figure that’s why the door is propped open, but we let ourselves right in. Up the cement stairs we go and end up where the suites are. This is when I really wished that I would have had my phone to take a picture. Hey everyone, we are illegally in the SMU suites right now! There wasn’t a soul in there. We wandered around for a good 20 minutes trying to find a door to get to the stadium.

Robert finally found the door out and we were literally running around on the football field by ourselves. It was sort of invigorating to be on the field. I felt like I was in high school again. I even did a cartwheel and it made my wrist hurt for a minute and I was reminded that I’m old and I’m NOT in high school.

We ran up the bottom half of the steps and walked down the next set all the way around the stadium. Half way through this, I said to Robert, “I am almost over this.” He responded, “Oh, well, I wanted to go all the way around the stadium. You can do it!” He obviously didn’t’ hear me, “I. AM. ALMOST. OVER. THIS.”  He got it. We laughed and I powered through the rest feeling really hardcore. We weren’t killing ourselves, there was walking involved, but I was hot and frankly, almost over it.

Still though, it was so fun and both of us want to do it again. Of course, the problem with this is that we could very well NOT get lucky again and the door that we used to get in won’t be propped open. Ppppffffftttttt. Who knows?

BUT, if you see us being arrested on the news for trespassing on the SMU campus, you can rest easy knowing that we went down happily while frolicking on the football field, living it up like a champ.

Go Mustangs! 

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