Monday, June 28, 2010

Shout Out

My little sister, Augusta aka Gus, has been making these fabulous “bib-type” necklaces this summer. I’m just super proud of her. I think she has a true talent and more importantly she loves making them. She got some of her good friends together for a little photo shoot to model them. I think the pics turned out great…once again, little sisters’ creative genius shining through.

oh to be young and cute. 

My sister’s bibs are on sale at my Grandma’s art gallery in Carlsbad..big deal for our small town. Hey, everyone starts somewhere. Diane Vonfurstenberg, Nicole Miller, Tory Burch could have started selling merchandise in their grandmother’s galleries. Who knows? Even more exciting is another boutique in Clovis, New Mexico has contacted her and wants to sell her bibs there. This is how it begins…first spreading across New Mexico, America...then the world. Augusta Neal going global. 

love this pic. my sister's best friend, Ryan, helping out at the photoshoot. he is venturing to Boston to go to Berkley in the fall to pursue his dream of a music career. I'm super proud of him too!!

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