Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We've moved!

You know those cute postcards people send out when they move to a new home? I love getting those and think they are so cute. If I was a together person and had superfluous funds maybe I would have sent some out the couple times we've moved over the past 18 months. 

Yes we are gypsies! With a baby! 

Just to catch you up....Wesley was born. 3 weeks later we went to Seattle for 6 weeks where the film my husbands been working on was in production. Then we came back to Dallas, put most of our stuff in storage and abruptly moved to Houston. Where we lived with my in-laws. For over a year. Yes, you're reading that correctly. See no wonder I had to stop blogging. No one needs to hear about living with your inlaws ;). It actually wasn't bad. Okay I'm lying it definitely was at times. Haha. Awkward laugh. But we survived and it was fine! Now we are living in Guthrie, Oklahoma where my husband is finishing up the film. We will be here until the end of November and then we're not sure.

It's been a little crazy sometimes. But I'm grateful to be along for the ride and keep the faith that God is in the drivers seat. When you are helpless in concrete plans for your future I've found it's pretty key just to trust God with the day ahead of you and not get ahead of yourself. It's extremely comforting to remind myself  that He is all knowing and already has our little family's plan all mapped out. Everywhere He plants us is part of His plan. When I'm sulky about not being "settled" I remind myself of that and I get excited. I don't need to worry because God already has the "we've moved" postcards addressed and filled out on every place we are ever going to live. He knows so I don't need to and that is a wonderful thing. :)

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