Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reluctant crafting...

So Wesley goes to storytime every Wednesdy at the public library here which is about a 2 minute walk from where we live. He's still on the young side to get into the songs and rhymes or sit still, but I think it's good for him to go and I think he does enjoy it even when he's running around like he has ADHD and all the other kids are sitting there quietly listening. 

At the beginning of October there was a sign up sheet out to bring stuff to the upcoming Halloween party, which was actually today, the 30th. I signed up for juice boxes, thinking I can't mess that up...that will be easy!

At the next story time the sheet is still out and I see that someone has also signed up to bring juice boxes. I mean like 7 kids under 4 come to this story time. How many juice box volunteers do we need??

At the end of story time, the fellow juice box signer, calls me out. 
"Who else singed up for juice boxes??!" 
"That's me!" I say. 
"Want to decorate them?" she says.
UMMM NO. I think, but I say...
"Well sure that would be fun!"
"Just go to Pinterest and search juice boxes and we can make mummy juice boxes. You know Pinterest, right." she says.
"Yes yes I know Pinterest!" I say. 

Then she tells me that these are her grandkids that she brings to story time and she wishes Pinterest would have been around earlier. And I think "well really do you?!" because now we are decorating juice boxes for toddlers who won't even comprehend that it's supposed to be a mummy??! But I nod and say I know isn't it awesome?!

My mummy juice boxes. In my mom life I wasn't prepared to have to buy "googly eyes" in the craft section before Wesley was two.

To put the icing on the mummy juice box cake, this sweet crafty juice box-bringing grandma got there early and set up her juice boxes before me so therefore no one had one of my mummy juice boxes except one I forced on Wesley. So now, I have 12 mummy juice boxes, which brings me back to my primary issue- there didn't need to be 2 volunteers for juice boxes.


Here's what really scares me about this whole thing. This is just storytime in a really small town and I was already forced to craft?? What's going to happen when Wesley's in school in a bigger city?? I'm scared. I'm just scared.

There's a blurry Wesley, the dinosaur, and her mummy juice boxes in the corner.

Mummy juice boxes...just the beginning...

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