Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meet Ringo!!

This is Ringo the bear. Which Wesley just calls "B!!!" It's Wesley's favorite stuffed animal by far. His name is is Ringo because one of my best friends, Jill, gave it to Wesley when she asked him to be the ring bearer in her wedding. I don't know, the name just makes I right? 

We sing a little tune to Ringo often..."Ringo, Ringo the bear!!!" #theweirdthingsparentsdo

Anyway, back to ring bearing- Wesley, of course, accepted the task and is so excited and honored to be part of such a special weekend. It's actually this weekend! Ahhhh! Tux is ordered, plans are set and we will see if Wesley can make it down the aisle without causing a scene or a viral you tube video about a 1 and a half year old causing a wedding disaster. 

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