Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's the thing....

Hello to my 3 readers who are still out there. 

Can you ever go back? Back home. Back to a relationship. Back to a blog? Can you pick back up something you've neglected? A hobby. A friend. A blog? 

Does that work? How does that work? Did Emily Post or Kate Spade throw together an etiquette on this?

Can you go back to blogging on a blog that hasn't seen a post for over a year and a half? 

Questions I ponder and do not know. I think some would say that you can't go back you can only go forward. With that in mind I feel that I would love and feel a pull to move forward and start up blogging again. I miss the process of producing my typo filled posts. I miss sharing and I miss reading the blogs that I learned so much from and felt so connected to.

I have to state - I do not know how moms blog. New moms, moms of toddlers, moms of adults (ok jk on the last one. Moms of adults live on Facebook. So we know they have time to blog.) what I do know is that moms DO blog because I used read their blogs daily. It will remain a mystery to me and I applaud those that do. Obviously, I could not make that work in my mom life. 

What's funny is that I was going to post my whole birth story. Like I was writing the post in my head when I was still in the hospital. I had so much to share, stories over flowing that I didn't want to forget. I remember I wanted to start the post off with the bible verse that says "and the woman will have pain during child birth" and tell you all that I could now affirm that is true. God wasn't lying. Would I have 5 more babies though? The insane answer is yes. It's because the Bible also didn't lie about children being a gift from God. (Paraphrasing verses left and right here- excuse me.) It is so deeply deeply true. It is the most amazing gift and I still pinch myself that God gave this wonderful human to my husband and I. 

I also fully intended to keep blogging post baby. (His name is Wesley by the way! 4 days away from being 18 months and a 30 pound muffinman. More on him later.) But, here we are so we know what happened there. No blogging. And I am totally ok with it. Any mom out there, even the blogging ones, get it. The baby comes and consumes life in a wonderful way and there's little time to be a normal person and just breathe for a second, let alone sit down and recap the events of the day in a blog post.

But more and more I've been wanting to start again. Realizing that I can make the time. Knowing that even if I couldn't post often or a lot of content I wanted to get back in the habit. 

I discovered you can blog from your phone. People have been probably doing this since 2005, but this discovery has invigorated my blogging desire because I don't have a laptop. (#notarealproblem and yes I hashtag now.) My husband does have a laptop that I can use so don't start a charity for me just yet ;), but he needs it for work. So I solely use my phone and occasionally iPad for the days technology demands.

So I'll be blogging from my phone?? Let's see how this goes!!!!! Let the ppppffffftttttting plus one commence!!!


Sarah and Mike said...

Definitely bring your blog back! Your bachelor recaps are my fav :)

Julia said...

Yes!!! How convenient - Imy iPad and I (and Margaret) have just started spe ding lots of quality time together. Keep it up!

Ande said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read more from ppppffffftttttt!