Friday, November 7, 2008

Ode to Sarah

There was a girl, she went to OU
Her hair is blonde, her eyes are blue
I met her one night, while wearing Wet Seal
My flowered halter was polyester, but our friendship would be real
I remember the pics that I took of her and Dewan on Boogie Nights
I never understood why she asked him; then again, I went with Brad Wright?
Little did I know it would be the first of many memories to come
Crossroads, Block and Barrel, JJ’s just to name some
She kind of amazed through this whole time
Here thoughts were bigger and truly inspired mine
She choose Letters as her degree
Just like her Grandfather, a lawyer she’d be
A semester abroad to France off she flew
Causing her politics to turn from red to blue
She came back to Norman and finished her undergrad
Choosing SMU for law school, to be close to mom and dad
Her first year proved to be not much fun
She actually had to study, something she had never done
All this time she was still my best friend
I moved to Dallas with a broken heart that she helped me mend
She made law school seem easy, Cox and I always said
We didn’t know when she studied, only if she was at the Loon or in bed
Finally she graduated, I said, “Time to celebrate!”
She replied, “No, Alexis, the bar I must take.”
I knew it was serious when she got off facebook and refused to go out
There was so much information she had to know everything about
Three days of testing and it was done
Off to Vegas she went, to play blackjack and lay in the sun
Work and the real world were waiting when she came back
10 hour work days and not getting much slack
I would say…“At least you’re a lawyer, you have done so well.”
She replied, “Well, I won’t be a lawyer if I find out I fail.”
Yesterday, November 6th, the bar results were in
It was then that I realized how stressed she must have been
I heard through the grapevine that she had passed
Sarah Smith is a licensed attorney-what a badass
No one ever can take this away what she’s done on her own
The world is a better place for the knowledge she’s sown
This poem might be cheesy and I probably took it too far
I just want everyone to know how proud I am of Sarah that she passed the BAR!!!


Jamie said...

Oh wow! That was a good Ode! Congrats Sarah! We are all so proud of you for everything you have accomplished over the years!

Ande said...

you have a way with words alexis... pppppppfffffffttttttttttt. and yes, ode to sarah smith, one of the smartest people i have ever met. you'll be my lawyer one day if i ever need one. divorce court? i have big goals.

mary said...

Ode to Sarah but she's not that important. Kisses Sarah. Great poem Alexis.

Sarah said...

well, i just read this and i have to say that it was quite thrilling to read the last seven years of my life laid out in ode form. very well done alexis. i love the throwback to boogie nights. thank you for your kind words.

Alexis Neal said...

the boogie nights part was my favorite too. ha. i can't wait til you get engaged, i will add on...

Jennifer said...

PS, Sarah I win. I noticed a spelling error in her blog. I am smarter....BOO YA

Alexis Neal said...

everybody point and laugh at Alexis. she makes mistakes!!!