Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Culinary Adventures with Bob and Al: Vodka? on a Monday?

We have a lack of liquor in our home. No whiskey, no rum, not scotch and not even my favorite…tequila. I mean, this isn’t an emergency, we’ll be okay. We don’t even have a bar to store the liquor in. Robert thinks we need some liquor in the house. Maybe that’s a man thing? Maybe that’s a being married to Alexis thing?

I do agree with him, having liquor on reserve would make me feel grown up. My parents always had liquor in the house. My practically non-drinking parents. Why in the world did they always have liquor on hand? Company, I suppose? One of the many mysteries of the life and times of Jeff and Fran. Anyway, back to the Scarff liquor situation - we do have hopes of having a bar in the corner of our small dining room one of these days. Robert’s mom knows guys that can literally make almost any piece of furniture that you need by just explaining to them what you want. I am impressed by this skill. Robert told his mom and I that HE was going to build the bar; this, of course, caused Robert's mom and me to almost fall off our chairs from laughing so hard. Robert the carpenter. Making us a bar. Priceless. (Sorry to poke fun, honey. I will support you in your dreams of woodwork.)

Check out this Home Bar. I bet that was inexpensive.

Sooo....drumroll....on Monday a threshold was crossed, liquor came into our home. Bob and Al bought Vodka! Vodka in the house/duplex!

I have dementia and don't remember what kind we bought?

And why did we buy vodka? We accidentally watched The Barefoot Contessa this weekend and saw her make this.

Hey, girl. Heyyy.

Basically the recipe is a Penne alla Vodka. It was Penne alla Fabulous. Penne alla probably the one of the best things we’ve made.

What makes it even better is what the salesgirl at the liquor store said to Robert when he was buying the vodka. He got it with a Visa gift card that we got for our wedding. When he was checking out he asked her, “Do you take these Visa gift cards?” to which she responded, “Oh yeah. No problem. (Pause) That’s exactly what I’d do if I got a gift card, straight to the liquor store!” Hmmm, okay? I have to say though, I just love that honesty. Awesome. Cheers to you salesgirl at the liquor store.

Here’s a pic of our Monday night dish. Penne alla Yum.

So, cooking with Vodka proved to be an appetizing experience and a lot of fun. I should have taken a couple shots to help me cope with Jake’s decision to choose Vienna, alas I did not. Alas, Jake called Vienna smart. Alas, that’s not the correct adjective for her. Alas, Jake keeps claiming he lives in Dallas. Alas, it is Denton. Ppppffffttttt.

Good luck reality tv show lovers!

Xoxoxo + vodka


Robert said...

Jake is a birdbrain.

Jamie said...

The bachelor this past week was pure torture. Why do we watch this nonsense? I guess the same reason why Jack watches Jersery Shore...bad TV is addicting.

Sarah Smith said...

Jake is the definition of the term "numb nuts."

Scarves, please make me some penne alla yum!

Alexis said...

Retracting Statement: Jake lives in Flowermond.

Augusta Neal said...

Honestly, why do the parents have so much alcohol?? I too have pondered that. And i muuust try that penne alla!!