Thursday, March 22, 2012


Being on the receiving end of a shower is a surreal experience for me. People you love bringing you gifts, celebrating something about your life and spending time together in one place is like this huge bubble of joy. Change (even good change) is sometimes hard and showers seem to be this way of bringing happiness and reassurance that everything will be okay and remind you that LOTS of people have walked this road before and that you are supported. Is that corny?? Is it just me that feels that way? I felt so renewed and replenished and supported after these baby showers were over. My cup was runnething right over.

My friends threw Robert, the baby and me a couples shower in Dallas and Robert's mom's friends threw us a ladies brunch shower in Houston. This summer, if all goes as planned, we will have a Sip and See in Carlsbad. (I know you were all DYING to know my baby shower schedule? ha)

I can't rave enough about what a great job the hostesses did for the Dallas shower. It was the perfect party, the decorations, the set-up...everything was awesome and most importantly lots of fun. Also, my parents and Robert's parents came in for the shower in Dallas from New Mexico and Houston making it an extra special time.

My mom took over 100 pics on her iphone at Dallas shower. Yes, one hundred. The best part about this is,  she was making people get together in pictures that didn't know each other. She would be great a fraternity mixer Party Pics person..."get in there, everyone!!" (Party Pics. Sigh. The painful online photos of yourself at social events before Facebook.)  I still haven't seen the pics on her phone and I really can't wait. Jamie took some great pics too and I'm so thankful. I actually went old school and ordered prints of those that I'm going to send them to my parents, Robert's parents and make an album for the baby's room. #memories

I thought I'd share some mobile uploads that my sister and mi amigos took at our shower in Dallas. I forgot my phone in the car during my Houston shower and only took like 2 pics at the end. Boo. Thankfully Robert's mom's friends got some real pics, so I will have some eventually.

Anyway, I'll share a little Dallas shower recap...not full recap in the least because there are a lot of pics that aren't included and a lot people not represented...but here we go....

Here's the invite for the Dallas shower. I loved it. Loved the Spanglish. Loved the bright blue and green. Loved the pinata. Loved that it said "Senorita Norton". If you know Senorita Norton, you know how funny this is. Most of all I love every hostess name on it because I love each of those girls so dearly. One of my favorite bloggers designed it. Click here to check out her blog and creations. 

Now onto shower pics....

Mom and sister. How gorg are they?

Oh this is pre-shower!! Lindsay Hartley, me and sister. 

Soooo, let me just share with you what one of my best friends, Adrienne Leigh Jones Kleckner did.... This might blow your mind. It blew mine :). She insisted on paying for me to get my hair and make-up done on the day of the baby shower. This is just so I would look and feel great at my baby shower. I fought her on this, but she really wanted to do this for me and insisted. I finally gave in and accepted her gracious gift. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to not have to "get ready" the day of my shower and actually feel pretty. I don't think I've really "felt pretty" in a looooooongggggg time. This was an amazing gift she gave me. I'm not crazy about being the center of attention, which you are at your own shower, so at least I got to feel good and confident after getting pampered by others. It was like therapy. This is what Adrienne set up for me - I got my hair "blown out" and "did" at Lure Salon, which was fantastic and then Lindsay Hartley did my make up at L. Bartlett in the West Village. If you ever need your make up done for ANYTHING, please call Lindsay Hartley. She was the sweetest and she was SO GOOD. (and she went to OU...Boomer!) I kid you not I loved my make-up and hair more for my baby shower than I did for my wedding?? haha. That sounds crazy, but I did! I dragged my mom and sister to watch me get all done up. I mean - full out diva...who am I? I told Adrienne, I really did feel like Beyonce. I mean, who gets their hair and make-up done for a baby shower??? haha. Luckily, my sister got to squeeze in some shopping in the West Village, so she didn't have to sit there and stare at me the whole time. ;)

sis and me. kind of sporting coordinating colors. such a good aunt already. giving up a precious college weekend to shower her nephew

sister and Sarah. Sarah might as well be a sister though :) (note me chugging Coca-Cola in the back ground #attractive) 

Lauren's little bro, Drew, surrogate little bro to me, I've known him my whole life, and sis hanging on the patio. Drew just got into UNM med school by the way. SO SO proud of him!!!! (and how handsome is he?? hehe)

Bob, me and Bella the pug

OMG - BELLA. I must share what my hostesses pulled off. I still cannot believe this.

So, remember when I posted about the Valentines pug gram? Well, Robert tried to get me one for Valentines, but the reservations were already full and it didn't happen. I totally understood, but I was sad, I just wanted to support the pugs! And I wanted to see a pug and hold a pug :), I love pugs. haha. My friends knew this desire and secretly contacted the DFW Pug Rescue to bring a PUG GRAM TO THE BABY SHOWER!!!! They also made a donation to the pug rescue on our behalf. Best gift ever. Two very gracious ladies from the DFW Pug Rescue came with the rescue pug, Bella. I will never forget this. I thought I saw a little dog in the front area of the house and said, "is there a pug in this house?" and there was. There was a PUG in the HOUSE at my baby shower.....omg...I will never recover from that surprise :) My gosh, I want a pug so bad. But first comes baby and then comes pug...someday...someday.... I would love for my pug son Doug, who lives with his grandparents to come live with us, but as I've mentioned, he has a bit of a bladder control issue anddddddd Robert says he can't come live with us at this time. Boo. 

Seeing Bella definitely fulfilled my pug void for the time being. What a sweet little girl she is! p.s. My mom offered to adopt her and she had already been adopted. Yay rescue pugs finding homes, makes me so happy :)

Daddy, Mom and sister. Obsessed with them. 

I know there were a couple girls at the shower that didn't make this pic :(! But, this was most of them. I love them so much. Thank you so much for coming!!! 

A gift from one of Robert's good friends. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this forward. It's been made into a book (obvi). It's hilarious. My mom was reading it at breakfast on Sunday and was laughing so hard.

sister, Mary, me and Jamie. Mary came in from OKC and Jamie from Tulsa. #bffs

this was post-shower at Swig/The Gin Mill. yes, I kind of "went out"...I mean I probably won't see the inside of a bar or club for years after el bebe arrives, so might as well get it in, right?  JZ makes this pic. He wasn't exactly supposed to be in it, but really captures the "we are best friends taking a girl picture!!!" face and it's one of my fave pics of the night for sure. 

Also taken post-shower. This might be the closest I show of a belly pic/maternity pic...enjoy! haha. The baby has a sombrero on and I'm massive! Hi, cute husband Robert in the background! 

Bella and me. She's not freaked out at all here. 

Tiny sombrero makes an appearance again. This is David Lackey aka Dallas's Renaissance man. If you don't know him and Nick Robertson, you're not really living.  They purchased Baby Scarff a sleep sack from Party Barn Kids, the card said "sleep well young Scarff" ahhhahahha. 

Post-shower once more. This ended up on FB and I commented that Sarah and Cox's faces both accurately describes how I felt about having a baby. Sarah is channeling confused/scared/wtf is going on...while Cox is channeling joy/excitement/happiness. 

The End. If I could re-live this night again, I would. Who knew pregnant girls could have so much fun? ;)


Jamie said...

Love your shower recap and can't wait to see pics from the H-Town shower! You looked stunning and I loved your dress. I might need to get my hair and make-up done for my baby showers?!?! I mean seriously, cause you looked fab!

alexis scarff said...

you can borrow the dress anytime, Mama!! GET your hair and make-up deserve was so much fun!! hmmm, maybe that can be Baby Scarff's shower present to Dawson ;)!!

Apollina said...

You look beautiful! Pregnancy certainly suits you, you are absolutely glowing:) Wow, life is moving so fast girl, soon I'll be seeing pictures of your little one! I'm just so happy for you:) xoxo!

alexis scarff said...

Appollina, Your comment brought tears to my eyes!! Life is moving so's crazy. I think of you often and hope the wedding planning in moving along splendidly!!